Dexter Williams


As Director of Schools for the West Carroll Special School District, I am excited to welcome you back to an exciting and productive school year. I am a proud graduate of West Carroll High School and I'm extremely honored to have the opportunity to lead the school district that I call HOME!

West Carroll Special School District is focused on providing a high quality education for each and every child.  As the employees of this District educate the community's children, we will continuously improve to ensure implementation of our District's mission: " educate the whole child by providing options and opportunities for success."

I hope parents, community members and all stakeholders will continue to strongly support our students, schools and employees.  We need your partnership to continue offering an excellent education to every child.  Please communicate with teachers and administrators, join us at school events, join the Parent Teacher Organizations and support our children by showing that you value the school, its programs and its teachers. 

Our goal as educators in the West Carroll Special School District is for every student to graduate with OPTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES!  Graduating with options and opportunities will set our students up for success in whatever career path they choose. 

Thank you for your strong support of our schools.  Again, it is my privilege to serve you, and I look forward to becoming an integral part of our community.


Dexter Williams