Crystal Polinski, Voluntary Pre-K Director,


Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment Criteria

Any student enrolled in a WCSSD pre-kindergarten program must reside within the District boundary or be a dependent of an employee of West Carroll Special School District.  Proof of legal residence or employment status will be required.

Any student enrolled in a WCSSD pre-kindergarten program must be four-years-old by August 15 of the school year in which he or she is enrolled.

Applications for enrollment will be accepted from all interested parties whose children meet age requirements.  Applications will be ranked in order of need using the following criteria:  low income/eligibility for free and reduced price lunch, children identified as disabled, children identified as English language learners, children in state custody, children considered at risk due to circumstances of abuse or neglect, children of active duty and/or deployed military personnel, children of single parent households, children of parents with disabilities, children of parents without a high-school diploma, children not at risk but considered unserved or underserved, children who are dependents of District employees, and students who meet none of the aforementioned criteria.

Students will be enrolled for the current school year by first enrolling all applicant children who meet the first criteria, then enrolling all who meet the second criteria, and so forth until all available pre-kindergarten spots are filled.

Contact Crystal Polinski for more information.